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We are very pleased we chose to trust Classified Kings with our online classified advertising needs.  You have exceeded even my most optimistic expectations.  Your campaigns are crushing the results we get from other online advertising methods.  In fact, because of your performance, we have been able to stop other campaigns, because we can not handle all the volume you are sending our way. Plus, we are getting traffic to our sites and phones for a fraction of the cost previously.  You have only been working on our account for less than 60 days and you have already generated a whopping 800% return our investment.  We are even having to upgrade to a better phone system and a larger contact center to keep up with all the business you are sending our way.  In addition, you have been very kind, professional, and responsive to us in all of our communications and explanations of the strategies you have recommended.  We can’t thank you enough.

T. Long

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  • Set up fees are for the creation of your accounts and information this is a 1 time fee unless a customer does not renew a campaign, in the event a customer does not renew a campaign within 21 days of expiration of a pack the set up fee will be charged again