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All about Craigslist

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All about Craigslist

Craigslist (CL) is one of the most popular local classified and forums which is largely free and community moderated. This platform hosts quite a number of adverts about local activities, romance, jobs, services, good etc. You can find everything you can imagine of from this particular website. The foundation to what is popularly known as Craigslist begun in 1995 when Craig Newmark found it essential to create a platform through which he could keep in touch with his local friends. Throughout the better part of its first year, it was mainly distributing emails within San Francisco.

When Craigslist was incorporated in in 1999, it did spread to nine other cities in the United States of America. Since then, CL has been expanding with its users increasing every day. Presently, there are over 700 local Craigslist sites in over 70 countries. In the year 2000, Jim Buckmaster became the CEO of CL. Since then, this website has remained to be a relatively non-commercial in nature, strived to serve the public and has maintained its non-corporate culture. These have been the main reason why it has maintained its “.org” domain since it was developed in 1995.

Alexa statistics is at position 56 globally and position 12 in the United States of America. The main visitors of this site come from: the U.S. which is the leading with an approximate visitors of about 92.5% with the site ranked position 12, Canada where its visitors is estimated to be about 1.6% with the site ranked position 88 and India which constitutes about 1.4% with the site ranked position 489. From this statistics, it is quite evident that targeting the U.S. market could guarantee more income. This is a vital information for online marketers since internet marketing depends so much on traffic.

In online marketing or any business which depends on a website to market itself; search engine optimization (SEO) plays an integral role. One important element which is used in SEO is the effective use of keywords.

In SEO, keywords are those words or phrases which a website owner uses to describe the contents of web pages. Normally, they are intended to serve as shortcuts which give a summary of the entire page. Keywords are classified as web page metadata. An effective use of keywords and key phrases greatly influence how websites rank in various search engines. This does not imply that they are the only elements which determine whether a website will rank high on search results; there are other factors too such as the age of the site, backlinks etc. That being said; can you guess the main keywords which this website depend on so much? According to, the keywords: craigslist contributes about 45.92% of the search traffic; craiglist contributes 1.14%, craigslist sf contributes 1.10%, craigslist ny contributes about 1.04% while craigslist san diego contributes about 0.84% of search traffic. This website has over 46, 270 websites which are linked to this particular website.

Of course these could be very simple aspects though for someone who is in the online marketing business, they play a significant role. Trying to analyze and subsequently emulating their SEO technique could play a significant role in online marketing.

As someone who owns a website; do you think Craigslist can teach you any aspects about SEO?

In simple words, can be described as outrageously ugly though very relevant and outstandingly useful. One may begin to wonder how it has managed to be an iconic website within 12 years. This is a clear indication that this site has superior and effective SEO techniques. For people who assume that a website should be designed to be eye candy; just visit and compare its appearance with its global ranking.

Some of the most evident features of this website which have been key in its success include:

  • Loading time which is much faster as compared to most websites.
  • A superior conversion funnel; the moment you visit this site you will find yourself either searching through the numerous adverts, posting an advert or planning to buy a product.
  • High engagement; websites with high bouncing back rates will always rank poorly on search engines. An average user will spend a lot of time on this website.
  • Organization; this website has also invested in organizing their web content. This makes it easier for an ordinary user to surf through the site effortlessly to get the exact information he or she needs.

The bottom line here is; as you plan to hire any web development firm, you should focus on getting a website with a top-notch functionality. May be the general design of the website should come after functionality. Remember, functionality has its unique beauty.

Another powerful tool is the domain name. What are some of the reasons why you have opted for a particular domain name? Have a look at the following domain names:,, and just to mention a few. Every domain name includes CL’s brand name. Ideally, this will always result into an incredible results in all local market. This has been the main reason why it has been able to conquer the U.S. market.

How often do you remember to bring a personal touch to your website? Comment and feedbacks play a significant role when it comes to building more traffic to your website. Give users an opportunity to interact through chats and forums. Craigslist have been keeping all their users engaged through various chat forums.

User-generated content; this is another powerful tool when it comes to SEO. This form of social SEO is very important. It is through this that you can be able to build a powerhouse of keywords and indexed content which come with incredible results.

All these elements are not unique or new; they are simple things that we know though most website owners and SEO experts tend to ignore them so much. As you go about your daily business on this site, it is important that you have the desire to make your website rank high on search engines too.